Updated - Friday, 15th June, 2018 at 18.45 hours. Also, there are additional recent notices.

Thursday, 21st June at Freshbrook Church, West Swindon, SN5 8NU from 9.45pm..

Concert information - Dress Women: Plain black blouses (no lace) with long sleeves and, if desired, jackets with long sleeves Black formal trousers (no jeans) or long black skirts, both down to the ankles Black tights/socks and shoes Discreet jewellery Men: Black shirts, long sleeved with collar and preferably with breast pocket. No tie. Black trousers (plain) Black socks and shoes The choir's blue scarves and handkerchiefs will be provided. Please have a black folder for your music.

Concert information - timings The afternoon rehearsal starts at 2pm promptly and will end by 5pm. Please be in place by 1.40pm so that positioning can be checked, information given out and we are assembled and ready to start on time. The concert is at Christ Church, Cricklade Street, Swindon, SN1 3HG Parking There is very limited parking at the church. Please leave enough time to find parking elsewhere if necessary. Post concert gathering Please remember to bring a contribution of scones and/or other nibbles.

Summer music must be returned on the FIRST rehearsal back after the concert on 28 June. If you won't be there please give your music to someone else to return, with your markings erased. If you are not singing in the autumn concert, you are welcome to return your music to one of the librarians beforehand, provided you have rubbed out your markings. Fines will be due for any late music, to cover fines the Society is charged for overdue music but we don't want to return any music late!

Volunteers urgently needed to promote our coming concert. The Co-op in Old Town has kindly agreed to let us have a display in the store on either Monday, 18 or Tuesday 19 June. A volunteer is needed to print a few good quality photos of the choir, which will be emailed by Carol Sarchet. In addition we need a co-ordinator to set up a display on the day (table provided by the Co-op), showing photos and posters and recruit a group of choir members to man the table during the day. It will not be possible to sell tickets at the Co-op but, hopefully, anyone interested in coming to the concert can be shown how to buy tickets. Ticket sales so far are very slow so, if you are able to help please speak to Angela, Carol Sarchet or Ray Cook.

Now that we know the pieces requiring further work I really would appreciate choir members going over their parts and preparing for the remaining sessions. I expect the Semi-Chorus to be confident with notes without time-wasting NOTE BASHING in our rehearsal time. Essentially this is light musical material with an element of Theatre to it. We need to be able to project, look out and look engaged and happy!

David Beck has complied a very helpful link for practising many of the songs. It is on the website under Downloads and may be accessed here. Martine has kindly reminded me of the John Fletcher website They have free practice files for the following: • Hush no more • If love's a sweet passion • Full fathom five • When daisies pied You will need to register in order to access and download the files, but you get no unwanted email as a result. There is a small registration fee if you wish to access files which are still in copyright

If possible please would you come to rehearsal at 7pm for an early practice on the following Thursdays : 10 and 24 May and 7 and 21 June.

Following last week's dress parade the decision has been made that the men will wear black shirts for this and possibly other informal concerts. For formal concerts the dress code for men will stay as DJs. A suitable plain black shirt with collar and long sleeves with cuffs is available at M&S.. If you wish to buy a black shirt please either order direct. M&S also supply a black shirt with 2" longer sleeves to order.

The running order for this concert "If music be the food of love" has been published separately. Please remember to bring money to pay for the hire and/or purchase of music for the summer term. • Icicles, buy £12, hire £1.50. • English Romantic Partsongs, buy £15, hire £1.50 • Shakespeare Songs, buy £8, hire £2.50 • Songs and Sonnets, buy £10, hire £2 • Three Madrigals, buy £3, hire £1 • Booklet, hire only £1.50

FINAL AUTUMN MUSIC SIGN UP THIS WEEK: The list will be out for a FINAL time this Thursday. We cannot guarantee your hire music if you have not signed up. 26 people have either not signed up for music or indicated that they are not singing. • This will include the few who already have the two pieces - if so, please could you indicate that against your name. • If you are not singing this Autumn please indicate on list. • If you think you have signed up, please double check. • If you haven't signed up - please do so. As each set of music costs £6 to hire, we need to be as precise as possible in the number of books we hire. The music is: • Goodall - Eternal Light - A Requiem pub. Faber. Buy £10.50; hire £3. • Haydn - Mass in Time of War - pub. by Novello - we will be using the OLD EDITION (green cover) You can also email your requirements to

Message from the Librarians (Bless them !) Please sign up this week for Christmas music, or let us know if you don't need music for any reason (not singing/have it already). We need to hear from everyone please! We shall be singing Britten's Saint Nicolas (Boosey & Hawkes) - buy (approx £18) or hire (price TBA). If you are not at rehearsals currently, please email your requirements or let us know you won't need music for the Xmas programme to

The charity, "Thriving Through Venture", were delighted with the funds donated in the retiring collection. A message from our President, Nick Maurice follows: Dear Fellow Choristers, What an amazing performance that was last night! I don't know about you, but I was so moved by so much of the great work and came away feeling what a huge privilege it had been to sing this wonderful sacred work thanks to Robin, Greg and all the people who beavered away in the background to bring off this huge venture so successfully. There was clearly an element of risk in undertaking such a work, but equally as clearly it paid off - as evidence the quality of the performance not least from the fantastic soloists and orchestra and the extraordinary silence of the audience at the end and then the standing ovation, the tumultuous applause and all the plaudits I heard from the audience as they were leaving the Chapel. I just wanted to say thank you to all fellow choristers from Bracknell and Swindon Choral Societies for giving me the opportunity to sing this great work, which I consider to be a part of the make up of my soul, and also to let you know that from the retiring collection we will, after gift aid, have raised just under £1000 for the new charity Thriving Through Venture which I know is going to make such a great difference to the lives of young people with certain vulnerabilities by opening up new opportunities to them. So THANK YOU! on their behalf also. The audience's generosity must also be an reflection of their appreciation of the performance of the great work. With Very Best Wishes, Nick

It is expected that members come to rehearsal prepared (having done their homework to schedule) and ready to sing, so please remember to: • Be seated in good time, • Have a pencil! - a rubber could be useful ! • Listen to Robin or Andrew. • Return promptly after the break, • Most importantly, not to talk throughout the rehearsal. Of course many singers observe the above at our rehearsals and I hope none of our members would wish to detract from progress by causing avoidable delays through lack of attention.

As we now fill the car park at rehearsals, please take care to park sensibly without blocking other cars or access, especially if parking outside the Freshbrook car park.

Please can EVERYONE make sure they have signed up for Summer music this Thursday before they leave (or indicate on the sign up sheet that you will not be singing). This is important as otherwise we cannot guarantee music for you; since the hire costs are high we only want to order what we know we need. If you will not be at rehearsal this week, please email with your requirements. See below for summer programme list. We are having problems sourcing sufficient Diemer Three Madrigals scores for hire. We are asking for around 50 or so choir members to help out by buying this piece please! It only costs £2.50 - hire will be £1 anyway. So please sign up to buy this piece if you possibly can (or amend your order to buy if possible, if you signed up to hire last week).

Summer Music (NB hire charges may change slightly depending on numbers): • Rutter: When Icicles Hang pub OUP - buy £12, hire £1.50 • English Romantic Partsongs pub. OUP - buy £15, hire £1 • Mathias: Shakespeare Songs pub. OUP - buy £8, hire £2.50 • Shearing: Songs and Sonnets from Shakespeare pub. Hindon - buy £10, hire £2 • Diemer: Three Madrigals pub. Boosey and Hawkes - please buy at £2.50 if possible, or hire £1. • Booklet of selected pieces - needed by all singers. Small charge to cover production costs.

The full Society Schedule for 2018 is downloadable under the "Downloads" tab.

Annual subscriptions were due on 1st September, 2017. Details are outlined in a following paragraph.

Following the Committee's request for help with raising funds, here is the easiest of ways to raise lots of money and it does not cost you anything at all! • First, you will need to join Easyfundraising at • Follow the easy prompts to search for Swindon Choral Society as your chosen cause and fill in the usual identity requirements. • No financial information is required. • Next time you want to shop online, go to your Easyfundraising page and search for your online shop. Amazon, M&S,, and many others. • When you shop the Easyfundraising way with one of their 3,251 shops and sites, Easyfundraising make a donation and give it to your chosen cause. • Easy, and it doesn't cost you a penny extra. • You will not be inundated by unwanted emails through this membership, but you will receive an email confirming the amount of each donation made on your behalf.

The Society relies on choir members to help promote our concerts and maximise ticket sales. Posters in various sizes advertising concerts are available around 6 weeks prior to the concert date. These are brought to the rehearsal and members are asked to take some posters and place them on notice boards, in shops and cafes or wherever they are likely to attract attention in their local area. There is a distribution list on which it’s helpful to note where you place posters, so that we can then identify any gaps which need to be filled. Tickets are on sale at rehearsals from 6 weeks prior to a concert. They can be purchased before the rehearsal starts - 7.00-7.20 pm - or during the interval. Members are strongly encouraged to try and sell tickets to people they know: this is our main source of ticket income. To help do this, members may take up to ten 'Sale or Return' tickets which they are requested to return with the relevant monies no later than a week before the concert. Arrangements can also be made with Carol Sarchet for tickets to be collected on arrival on the night. Tickets are also available for purchase on our website ( and at various locations, such as Swindon Information Centre, depending on the location of the concert. If members can think of any retailers / business practices which might be prepared to sell tickets on behalf of the choir please let us know. Concert expenditure can be high so attracting a large audience is important as well being very rewarding for us all. Please encourage family and friends to come along and put out reminders if you are on Facebook. The Society’s Facebook page will contain a post for each concert which you can repost or like. When emailing please remember to attach the electronic version of the concert flyer.

Please note that the SCS website has been enhanced to allow you to pay for your music and annual subscription by credit card should you wish to do so. If you go to the Members' page, you will see a credit-card icon that you can click to take you to a secure payment screen. The process works well from a mobile phone as well as from a normal computer. There is now NO charge for using this facility.

Please complete this GIFT AID DECLARATION if you pay UK income tax: the Society can claim your tax back, adding a very useful supplement to our income! When completed, please hand to the Treasurer or any committee member.

September is the start of the Society's new year, and subscriptions are due. Increases were approved at the recent EGM., and they are detailed below. The subscription rate is £110 (£85 if unwaged or a Senior Citizen). Many members pay by standing order - would you please amend such orders appropriately. SO form details can be obtained from the : Treasurer). Members may also pay vis bank transfer to: Account name - Swindon Choral Society, Sort code 30-98-41, Account number 02232600. You may, of course, pay by cheque (to Swindon Choral Society). Please also consider signing a Gift Aid Declaration if- you haven't yet done so you pay UK income tax

If you are reading this and you are not already a member - why not join us ? Full rehearsal details can be found in the "Downloads" section. We would particularly welcome more male or female tenors - and have not yet had a female bass in the Society. Other voices are also welcome. We have approximately 130 subscribing members. Joining details are elsewhere on this site.

Subscriptions are pro rata from 1st September, so why not join now and enjoy the uplifting experience of fine choral singing, expert tuition and teamwork. The Society is a door to a new social life !

Proposed future concerts are now listed under the "Planned Concerts" tab.. The current rehearsal schedule can be downloaded from the "Downloads" tab

Any member of the Society is very welcome to join this happy and sociable group and at any time for any event. The only requirements are that you are willing to attend a couple of pre-event rehearsals (normally on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings)and enjoy singing in a choir of 12 to 20. In addition to weddings, we welcome members who could, at shorter notice, sing at funerals. We also give occasional small concerts for charities or fund-raising. To raise funds for the Society was why the Chorale came into being, and over the years we have probably been the most successful source of additional revenue for the Society. Speak to Dick Millard for enthusiastic advice !

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